Entente Cordiale

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What does entente cordiale mean?

It means 'a friendly understanding', we thought this was a suitable description for the notable alliance.

How will we utilize this friendly understanding?

By staying social with the people that matter most.  Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher Professional Engineers and Lifestyle Equities team up for a luxury real estate networking reception.  

What does the future of luxury Real Estate look like?

Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher has been a leader in building related civil engineering services since 1957 and has performed services to some of the biggest names in the financial, entertainment and sports industries.  Beyond innovating brand development for hospitality assets the luxury real estate advisory firm Lifestyle Equities is a known leader in brand building and real estate solutions for numerous assets for names such as The Rolling Stones Live, Thompson Hotels and LVMH Group.  Each works with A-List clients while managing the ever changing virtual landscape and shifts in the luxury real estate market.

We'd like to deepen our relationships with real estate investors, real estate attorneys and other real estate industry professionals. C.O.O. of Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher, Rick Koller, and Chief Experience Officer, J. Norris, of Lifestyle Equities will be in residence along with the best in real estate. Let's collaborate about relationships, exchange ideas and expand our network over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

*Real estate and human interests journalists and media professionals are encouraged and welcomed to attend.

About Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher Professional Engineers:

Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher Professional Engineers was founded by Professional Engineer Arthur Tauscher and has been a pioneer for over 56 years for building related engineering services.  The firm has completed over 200,000 inspections and investigations of buildings locally. As the nation’s first home inspection firm, many of the standards used universally today were originated by Tauscher-Cronacher Professional Engineers, P.C. 


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About Lifestyle Equities:

Lifestyle Equities is owned and operated by Chief Experience Officer J. Norris, who has worked on the most respected names in hospitality assets and luxury real estate to include HBO, Ian Schrager Hotels, Morgans Hotel group, Rolling Stone Live, The W Hotels, Accor Hotels, Thompson Hotels & LVMH Group.  Lifestyle Equities is currently developing Voce Di Private, a membership only branch of Voce Di which is a luxury design house and lifestyle brand with an international aesthetic located in Soho owned by Claire Maestroni and Georgio Steffano.


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